1.0 Beta 4

Prospector is a online calendaring program that is similar to those found at netscape and yahoo. It has been written to run under mod_perl and use an SQL database using DBD/DBI. It is currently being developed with postgreSQL. It only runs on Linux currently, although it should run on any UNIX.

News and Information
  • 6.1.2001 - I haven't made any updates in a while. Really no time - there are some bug fixes in CVS if your intrested. I don't know if another version will be released. I am also taking the demo offline.

  • 10.9.2000 - Fixed bug with reminders, forgot to pull some debug data. MySQL version release.

  • 9.7.2000 - Fixed bugs causing week and month not to show scheduled events when first entering.

  • 9.3.2000 - I released a copy of version 1.0 beta yesterday and just released beta 2 which contains some small fixes. Hoping to add some administration features before a 1.0 stable release.

Known Problems / BUGS
  • Can't schedule a time to start on one day and end on another.

What you need to get this running:




Prospector is still under development, and is released under the GNU General Public License.

Questions/Feedback can be sent to tenney@icebox.org